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2018 Rodeo Officals

2016 Rodeo Officals
Rodeo Director
Marcus Hood
Assistant Rodeo Director
Mary Honeycutt
Assistant Rodeo Director
Deb Nell
Assistant Rodeo Director
Brett (Mac) McMillan
Assistant Rodeo Director
Tamra Kelly
Arena Director
Jeanne McLeod
Assistant Arena Director

Arena Crew Coordinator
Megan Follin
Assistant Arena Crew Coordinator

Chute Coordinator
Denise Reinhart-Stange
Assistant Chute Coordinator

Head Judge
Rick Jones
Amy Griffin
Tom Sheridan
Terry Covington
Rodeo Secretary
Guy (Pork-Chop) P
Assistant Secretary

Rodeo Scorekeeper

Assistant Scorekeeper

Rodeo Treasurer
Tom Truitt
Assistant Treasurer

Rodeo Auditor
IGRA Appointed
RD Linch
Assistant Announcer

Barn Manager

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